Care Plans

Keeping everything in tip-top shape.

Keep your website secure and up-to-date with Chevron’s Care Plans.

Modern websites have plugins and add-ons that keep things running smoothly. In order to make sure your site stays secure and hack-free, your website and your plugins need regular updating. Think of it like a mechanic checkup but for your website.

You might think, “My previous website didn’t have anyone looking after it, and it was fine.” Two points here. One, it may be an older site without the interactivity or functionalities of a custom WordPress website, which means that it’s unfortunately outdated and will no longer be optimized for today’s web or search algorithms. Two, if it was a modern website, you were simply lucky there were no hack attempts and that none of your plugins became outdated to the point of no longer working. However, over time, this is an inevitability.

Bad actors are everywhere due to the internet’s global nature. Due to WordPress (what we build your website on) being the leading Content Management System in the world, it is also the one people try most often to exploit.

That’s where Care Plans come in, a convenient service that makes sure your site is in tip-top shape. A Care Plan covers your website completely, top to bottom. Accidentally deleted something? We’ve got the most recent daily backup. Want to test out a new website without launching? We’ll design your project on our staging environment for privacy. And with two 15-minute tasks per month, you can get your regular small tasks accomplished up to twice a month.


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$75 per month

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Daily Automatic Backups

Daily Malware Scans

Instant Malware Removal

Weekly Software Updates

Monthly Database Optimization

Staging Environment

Spam Protection

Bot Protection

Web Application Firewall

DNS Management

Two 15-Minute Tasks Per Month

Should you choose not to sign up for a Care Plan, you will become fully responsible for the list above for your own website. If you do not keep up with this your site will be vulnerable. We will be unable to assist you other than the default backup your hosting company provides (either Weekly or Monthly).

Should you sign up for a Care Plan, care will begin immediately upon the first month’s payment. If you wish to receive a discounted annual rate, you may prepay for a year for a 20% discount – $60 instead of $75 per month.

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