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Melissa was looking for a website for her boutique home bakery. A fellow perfectionist, she has always taken beautiful photos of her fantastic creations. This was a base for a truly magnificent website.

Chevron Creative was able to help Melissa redesign her logo as well as provide the website, header and footer image generation and copywriting. The site is mobile-optimized with a strong social media footer. Her beautifully photographed baking rounds out the website.

Screenshot of The Dreamery Bakeshop website
Screenshot of the Kar GMs website


Kar, a Game Master for tabletop roleplaying games, was in search of a website that would accurately reflect his services and passion for gaming. We were more than happy to help him achieve his goals. We worked closely with Kar to create a custom website that was both user-friendly and mobile-optimized to increase his online visibility.

Chevron Creative provided all the image creation, copywriting, and design to ensure that the website perfectly captured Kar’s unique vision. Thanks to our efforts, Kar was able to connect with a wider community of gamers and promote his small business with confidence.



Graeme, a new small business owner, was looking for a site to represent his new service offering: a neighbour with home care skills who lives nearby who can take care of your home on a regular basis.

Graeme’s new site is mobile-optimized, meaning any new clients can hire Nearby Neighbour through their pocket. The website is set to onboard both new clients and new employees. Chevron Creative developed his website, generated images, and copywriting.

Screenshot of the Nearby Neighbour website
Screenshot of the Art Sue Sews website


Sue, a skilled art and sewing teacher, collaborated with Chevron Creative for a visually captivating website to showcase her talents. Chevron Creative took charge of the site’s design, image generation, and copywriting. With a focus on vibrant aesthetics (we were told “Don’t hold back on color!”), we crafted a visually appealing website that reflected Sue’s artistic skills.

Eye-catching graphics, a user-friendly layout, and captivating images were seamlessly integrated. Through our collaborative efforts, Sue now has an engaging online presence that attracts visitors, allowing them to explore her artistic talent and teaching approach.



For the Lovelace Visuals website, our goal was to create a design that reflected the company’s cutting-edge technology and innovative image-generation solutions. The design needed to be sleek and modern, conveying the company’s expertise and professionalism.

We utilized minimalist design elements and bold typography to create a clean and sophisticated layout showcasing the company’s capabilities. To ensure a seamless user experience, we also focused on optimizing the website’s navigation and usability. Chevron Creative provided all image creation, copywriting, and design for Lovelace Visuals.

Screenshot of the Lovelace Visuals website
Screenshot of the Cleaning by Maureen website


Maureen, a professional cleaner with over 25 years of experience, wanted a website that would reflect her high-quality cleaning services and attention to detail. We were excited to help her achieve her vision and worked closely with Maureen to design a custom website that showcased her expertise and personalized approach to cleaning.

Chevron Creative provided all image creation, copywriting, and design to ensure that the website accurately represented Maureen’s business. Maureen was able to expand her reach and connect with more clients who appreciate her top-notch cleaning services.



Charming Copy is a boutique copywriting company that knows how to captivate audiences with compelling content. Chevron Creative developed their website, created captivating images and logos, and crafted engaging copy.

We designed a visually striking and commanding website that truly represents Charming’s unique brand identity. By using bold red and black themes with crisp white text, we created an online platform that stands out and exudes professionalism. The imagery we carefully selected reinforces their expertise while adding a touch of timeless elegance.

Screenshot of the Charming Copy website

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